The list bellow shows an overview of the products and services we plan on developing and offering during our Beta Program.


These are currently available to our beta program members.

IT Consulting

Do you know what you want, but not sure how to do it? We can provide a solution within your budget.

Web Development

Website out of date? Don't have a website? Need an easier way to edit your website? Our Team over at DynamicCode.Ninja will solve your issues.

Public Odoo Hosting

Point of Sale, Websites, and Inventory management are just the beginning. Jump start your business by letting us host and configure Odoo for you.

Under Development

These are currently being developed; installed; configured; and or secured. Beta Program members will have access shortly.

CMIT Desktop

A remote always available desktop designed to protect your data and privacy. Providing everything you need to be productive; while maintaining the maximum level of security.


Add mail to your Secure Desktop and you will instantly be able to securely communicate with anyone else using our services.

Private Odoo Hosting

Exactly the same as our Public Odoo Hosting; except the it will only be accessible through our Secure Desktop.

Still Planning

These are planned to be developed and installed. But we have not gotten to them yet.

Sub Account Management

Manage your employees though our portal. From resetting their password, to disallowing login, we know you don't want to call us for things you need need to do quickly or often.

Remote Wipe

For those times you think someone might have gotten access to your account, were getting a remote wipe function ready. We plan on releasing an app for both Iphone and Android to give you instant access.

CMIT Secure Phone

When you just need to talk to someone, our Secure Phone is your best option. Encrypted from endpoint to endpoint and entirely within our network no one can tap these phones.

CMIT Phone Gateway

Make and accept unsecure calls from your secure phone. Every unsecure call you make will be made from a random number in our pool. And receive unsecure calls from only those who have your extension.

Pre-Configured Devices

Use one of our pre-configured devices to get easy and instant connection with our environment.

Secure Laptop

A dedicated laptop for accessing our network. Rest assured its secure because you will be running our customized operating system that never stores your data on the laptop itself.

Pre-Configured Phone

Want a dedicated phone for your secure calls? We can provide several types of phones pre-configured ranging from cellphones, and wifi phones, to cabled multi-line phones.

Product Descriptions

Take a closer look as some of the products and solutions we offer.

IT Consulting

If you know what you want to do, but don't know how to get it done we can help.

Will G our CEO and Founder will be the one to assist you. With an extensive technological background Will's goal is to provide you with the right solution for your budget, even if that means recommending you to someone else.

Want to learn more about him? Check out his website and resume.

Web Development

Our dedicated web development team at DynamicCode.Ninja know that you need to be able to edit your website instantly.

As such, they have developed a website framework that makes managing your website as easy as managing your Facebook.

Check out some of our existing clients!

The Sweet Bunny
Camp Spehar Special Warfare Challenge

Public and Private Odoo Hosting

While not affiliated with Odoo, we have found that it provides a great jump-start and all around extensive feature set.

Due to our Public Odoo Hosting being accessible via the internet; you are required to have a Domain Name. An SSL Certificate should also be obtained beforehand to ensure secure transactions.

Our Private Odoo Hosting provides you with an internal domain, as well as an internal SSL certificate. But is only accessible though a CMIT secure Desktop.

For more information about Odoo, watch this awesome video the folks over at Odoo created or simply check out their website:

CMIT Desktop

Our desktop provides you with the assurance that you remain secure while you work. Stop tracking and installing updates. Each time you login, you will be presented with the latest version of our secured desktop, along with the most up to date versions of all installed programs and plugins. All without you installing a thing!

Programs Included:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Power Point, Excel, Access, Visio)
  • Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (Including: Lastpass, adblock plus, etc)
  • gpg4Win (Encryption Tools)

More to come!


Let us manage your mailbox, and seamlessly integrate it into your desktop. Virus scanning, and Spam blocking included you can use one of our domains for free, or use your own domain for a custom email address.