What is the Beta Program?

Our beta program is a way for you to get access to our secured infrastructure while we continue to build and grow it.

Why its better to register early

By helping cover the cost of the initial setup you will be getting access to all of the services we plan to offer at the highest level possible once we close the beta program for the same price.

Not to mention; We are only taking a maximum of 50 Beta Program members!

Products to be Released during the Beta Program:

CMIT Secured Desktop

Our desktop is designed to protect your data and keep your private and anonymous on the internet.

CMIT Secured Phone

Our phone keeps your calls fully encrypted and within our network ensuring your privacy and security.

CMIT Secured POS

Our Point of Sale system will also offer a private Web store only accessible through our Desktops.

Price and Payments

Initially we will only be accepting Credit/Debit. But once our beta program ends, we plan on supporting multiple payment methods including Bitcoin!

Our Beta Program will cost about 500.00 a month, but upon our closing of the beta program, you will essentially be getting a 75% discount for the lifetime of your account.